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SpeakerCraft has created the first keypad system for the 21st century. This expandable system was designed from consultation with our installers, which is why functional flexibility is the key to this new system. For instance, keys can be configured in the field to either be source selectable or function keys. They are not preset at the factory.

The system is also designed to be expandable. You start with the Master Keypad, a single gang J-box unit. This unit can select sources, control component functions, repeat infrared, and turn systems on or off. You can then expand this Master unit to include a Numeric keypad and/or a Function keypad for control of source components.

This system not only incorporates the latest in power status management of source components, but also contains the majority of IR commands and the discrete ON and OFF power commands within the EZC-1.0 Controller. This system can control all IR source components as well as RS-232 controlled components, including lighting systems.

The system is designed around a RS-485 communication protocol between the keypads and the controller.

All buttons are backlit, are programmable by way of our EZ-Tools program, and can execute macros of any length. The source buttons on the MKP Master Keypad will indicate, via different colors, which source is active and its power status.

All buttons are removable and configurable. They all come with a variety of buttons with text and icons that the installer can easily change to fit the customer’s needs. We have included the most common buttons used for sources, as well as function and transport controls. Additional individual buttons are also available.


Features a total of 12 buttons: Of the top 8 buttons, 7 can be programmed to be either source select buttons or transport/function buttons & the lower 4 buttons can be programmed for any function except source select
The Master Keypad MUST be connected to a SpeakerCraft compatible controller



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