Par de Bafles Surround de 5,25"




U$S 730.-

For A Total Home Theater Surround Experience

F/Xi Surround Loudspeakers employ a triangular cabinet design that aims drivers and tweeters in opposing direcitons to produce a more realistically diffuse wave front and wide, lifelike imaging of surround-sound effects. A conveniently located bipole/dipole switch offers the placement flexibility as well as the highest performance surround effects.


    The F/Xi A4 features the latest generation of Dynamic Balance® polymer composite drivers for smooth wide-range response with low distortion.
  • 1-inch Silk Dome Tweeter with neodymium magnets produces clear, detailed highs.
  • Bipole/Dipole Switch, conveniently located on the front baffle, enables you to choose your sound radiation pattern according to your installation requirements.creating the most realistic diffusion possible for your setup.
  • Acoustically inert 3/4" MDF cabinets, finished in Black and White Laminate finishes.
  • Gold-plated 5-way binding posts for the most secure connections and the most versatile wiring applications.
  • Butyl rubber surrounds for high performance durability
  • Acoustically inert stamped driver baskets.
  • Floating anti-diffraction grilles minimize grille diffraction for spacious, 3-dimensional imaging.



• Tipo de Sistema: 2 Vias
• Respuesta de Frecuencia: 50Hz-27 KHz
• Sensibilidad: 88 dB
• Impedancia: 8 Ohmios
• Potencia del amplificador asociado: 20-125W
• Ancho: 289 mm.
• Alto: 305 mm.
• Profundo: 189 mm.
• Peso: 4,08 kg.




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