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Powerful bass kicks movie music and effects into overdrive. And that takes a mighty, yet accurate, subwoofer. The Jamo SUB 300 brings low-frequency notes front and center, for resounding bass you can hear—and feel.

The compact SUB 300 adds strong, clear bass to any 2-channel or home theater system. This slotted-port subwoofer packs 300 watts of power plus a 10-inch bass driver to add the low frequency punch that brings movies and music to life. Plus, with its black ash or dark apple finish, the SUB 300 can fit seamlessly into nearly any room.

The SUB 300 is equipped with a powerful 10-inch long-throw woofer unit housed in the unique slotted port cabinet and a BASH® amplifier capable of delivering 300 watts of peak power. The powerful amplifier, increased cabinet size and ported design, make this subwoofer capable of delivering both a higher sound pressure level (SPL) and a flat frequency response, down to 28 Hz. All delivered, of course, with maximum musical fidelity and a flat frequency response. The SUB 300 is equipped with a front-mounted volume control for easy adjustment.

The Jamo SUB 300 subwoofer is packed with high-performance features:

A BASH amplifier for high efficiency, with low heat buildup
A slotted port cabinet to reduce distortion and increase efficiency
Level, phase and cutoff controls to set the SUB 300 to your preferences
The SUB 300 driver, designed to move air with speed and control
Deep, booming bass in an elegant package. The SUB 300 adds a new dimension to your favorite music and movies.


System Type Slotted port
Woofer (mm/in) 254 / 10
Rated output (W) 300
Frequency Range (Hz) 28 - 150
Impedence (Ohm) 22k
Weight (kg/lb) 18.9 / 41.7
Product dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD) 378 x 310 x 507 / 14.9 x 12.2 x 20.0




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