Subwoofer Potenciado Doble Woofer de 10 ¨






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Serie Concert 60

C 80 is a series of top of the range stereo and surround speakers from Jamo. The aim of this series has been to recreate the perfect concert experience – nothing more and nothing less. Regardless of size, every speaker in the series is represented by the capital C as in Concert. The sculptural C 80 speakers, with their high level of finish and perfectly balanced sound, are a tribute to the great music and film experiences that we all love and take such remarkable pleasure from.

C 80 SUB is a front and rear firing subwoofer equipped with two 254mm/10mm aluminium cone woofers in a closed cabinet. The heart of this low frequency power plant is a 1800W BASH amplifier, which should be more than enough for both the most demanding music lovers and serious film fans everywhere. With C 80 SUB you not only get the traditional options of adjusting and fine tuning your subwoofer’s sound level, phase and cut-off frequency, you also get a variable boundary gain compensation, giving you the opportunity to offset the harmful effects that a room can have on sound at the lowest frequency levels. C 80 SUB also features Motional Feedback (MFB) technology which results in very accurate and dynamic sound.

The speakers in the C 80 series share a number of attributes. They all feature tweeters with DTT and WaveGuide, and woofers and midrange units using Hard Conical Cone and Centre-Plug technology. Furthermore they all come with an Active Impedance Correction system, which neutralises the magnetic field around the pole piece, reducing distortion by up to 50%. All front speakers in the C 80 series feature bi-wiring allowing you to fine tune the sound in perfect harmony with your room.

As all of the speakers in the series are developed using the same uncompromising philosophy, it’s possible to combine them in a number of different ways. Sound-wise the C 80 family is characterised by its genuinely authentic acoustics. The series always conveys highly detailed and beautifully resonant sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

Whether you are looking for the ideal cinematic or the perfect musical experience, the C 80 series is guaranteed to blow your acoustic window wide open.


System Closed
Woofer (inch/mm) 2 x 10 / 254
Impedance (Ohm) 22k
Weight (kg/lb) 25.0 / 55.1
Dimensions (HxWxD/mm/in) 447 x 390 x 432 / 17.6 x 15.4 x 17.0
Amplifier Rated Output 1800
Frequency Range 20-200




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