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$ 28000.-


Wherever your digital audio comes from, whatever format you store it in, the Stream Magic 6 network music player makes it sound stunning! From smartphones/tablets and laptops, to Blu-ray players, TVs and games consoles, and with support for audio streaming services including BBC iPlayer, Aupeo, and Pandora plus with access to over 20,000+ internet radio stations – the Stream Magic 6 doesn't just stream audio on to your hi-fi amp and speakers, but dramatically improves it as it does – bringing out the ultimate in detail, clarity and quality from your digital audio.

Key to this is our unique ATF2 upsampling. Everything passing through the Stream Magic 6 is upsampled to highest-quality 24-bit 384 kHz with jitter and other digital audio issues eliminated. The result is stunning – we guarantee you'll be impressed!

And the Stream Magic 6 is compatible with all major digital audio formats – including MP3, AAC and WMA, as well as "lossless" high-quality audio formats such as Apple Lossless, FLAC and AIFF.


Upsampling audio magic

Everything that passes through the Stream Magic 6 is upsampled, using our unique ATF2 (Adaptive Time Filtering) process, developed in conjunction with Anagram Technologies of Switzerland, through a high-end Analog Devices DSP (Digital Signal Processor), to ultra-high detail 24-bit 384kHz output.

As well as dragging extra detail from every source (even CD, Blu-ray and "Lossless" digital files), ATF2 virtually eliminates "jitter" common in playing digital audio files – which can lead to a flatter, lifeless sound with tinnier bass response. Those problems vanish when digital audio's put through Stream Magic 6.


Network audio magic for wireless music

Streaming network audio to your hi-fi's easy with Stream Magic 6. Music on wi-fi connected* desktops, laptops and NAS drives is automatically detected to create a wireless music system. And, of course, all those digital audio files, upsampled through the Stream Magic 6's unique ATF2 process, will sound far better through your main hi-fi, than desktop speakers.

*UPnP-supported devices only. Most modern laptops, computers and network (NAS) drives are UPnP-supported as are many games consoles, streaming boxes and smartphones.


Internet radio magic

Browse, search and listen to over 20,000 internet radio stations with ease on Stream Magic 6. And use our Stream Magic Home internet portal to set up favourite stations, preferences and check out the newest internet music stations we've added to the service.

All your favourite stations and preferences can be managed using our Stream Magic Home portal and from here, you can also suggest new stations which we'll validate and then add for other Stream Magic 6 customers to enjoy.


Streaming services magic

The Stream Magic 6 features built-in support for the latest in high-quality digital audio streaming services including BBC iPlayer Radio, Aupeo and Rhapsody. And, of course, even high-quality 320kbps streams still benefit from Stream Magic 6's ATF2 upsampling. Streaming music never sounded so good, yet was so easy to get to your hi-fi. Stream Magic 6 also supports the best in podcast streams such as, Blog TalkRadio and BBC Podcasts.


  • USB:
    Instantly upgrade the audio of your PC or Mac, desktop or laptop. Even streaming music services such as Spotify, Rhapsody or Napster sent via your computer can be improved by Stream Magic 6's upsampling – delivering audiophile detail to your hi-fi. USB connection supports up to 24-bit 192kHz transfer with both "kernel streaming" and "ASIO" support to cut out Windows default sound processing methods, further improving quality.
  • Digital audio connections: 
    Stream Magic 6 is compatible with both S/P DIF and optical digital connections – as seen in most Blu-ray players, media streamers and games consoles. Bypassing the inbuilt audio components of these devices and using the Stream Magic 6 brings spectacular levels of detail, breathing life into the audio from movies, games and more.





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